Report abuse

Report illegal activity and/or abusive use of our hosting services by choosing one of the following:

We employ efficient automatic detection of illegal activity on our network. Most of the problems are found in the early stages and action is taken immediately. If you are sure a violation is being committed by our client and their server is still running, please contact us at with details identifying the server and type of violation.

Any action with regard to the aforementioned activities and other activities, related to business practices of our clients, will only be taken on official request from the respective authorities. To proceed with the claim please contact local police/authorities, we will block the abusive resource on our network upon receiving their request.

Our organization is unable to reliably determine the true owner of the copyrighted material. For our part, we pledge to transfer the claim to our client and make sure he reads it. Controversial issues on copyright matters are to be addressed in court.
The claim will be generated automatically. Specify URL of the page with the violation, and attach a document confirming the rights of authorship.
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